1b: Strategic Planning

ISTE Standard for Coaches 1: Visionary Leadership – Technology coaches inspire and participate in the development and implementation of a shared vision for the comprehensive integration of technology to promote excellence and support transformational change throughout the instructional environment.

1b. Contribute to the planning, development, communication, implementation and evaluation of technology-infused strategic plans at the district and school levels.

Faculty and institutions who approach web accessibility as a matter of mindset rather than of compliance can draw on the universal design principles that make for effective learning environments for all.

My post Web Accessibility: A Team Approach provides an overview of the laws governing web accessibility, two primary approaches to accessibility within higher education that educators should be equipped to use as tools, resources for faculty to use in digital learning environments, and some suggestions for the different tasks that faculty, staff/departments, and administrators can do to make digital college education accessible.

The model for assessing, building, and evaluating accessible technologies by Cifuentes, Janney, Guerra, and Weir (2016) that I explore in Web Accessibility: A Team Approach is combined in What PD Leaders Need to Know About Assessment Reporting in High Pressure Accountability Contexts with a look at the literature on how institutional leaders can factor into their strategic and accreditation planning the realities of how high-stakes accountability pressures may conflict with faculty implementation of best disciplinary and pedagogical practices.

I trace the history of the accountability movements in both K-12 and higher education contexts and attempt to theorize a more balanced accountability model.