2c: Student Engagement

ISTE Standard for Coaches 2: Teaching, Learning, and Assessments – Technology coaches assist faculty in using technology effectively for assessing student learning, differentiating instruction, and providing rigorous, relevant and engaging learning experiences for all students.

2c. Coach teachers in and model engagement of students in local and global interdisciplinary units in which technology helps students assume professional roles, research real-world problems, collaborate with others, and produce products that are meaningful and useful to a wide audience.

In my post, Research-based Frameworks for Addressing and Assessing Online Learning Engagement, I address the issue of how student disengagement and lack of persistence can be amplified in an online learning environment for nontraditional and other under-represented students. I explore how implementation of andragogical and and social constructionist learning principles, together with more evidence-based review of online teaching approaches, result in increased success for the less traditional student population that, significantly, tends to take online courses.

I highlight my use of engagement frameworks to address online learning engagement at the course and institutional levels.