ISTE Coaching Standard 3: Digital Age Learning Environments

One of the themes of my college teaching career has been to develop a disciplinarily and pedagogically sound curricular framework for teaching writing that also responds to the current climate of outcomes-based accountability and indeed provides leadership in that respect (Blankenship, Canavan, Jory, Lewis, Stanford, & Stephenson, 2017).

I see leadership in developing “digital-age” instruction that both best supports a sound disciplinary understanding of writing instruction and that equips students to navigate the outcomes-based culture of education as a subset of that framework.

My use of threshold concepts in writing studies, responsive leadership to approaches such as Guided Pathways and High Impact Practices, and my leadership in adoption of transformative digital learning tools come together in meeting ISTE Standard for Coaches 3.

ISTE Standard for Coaches 3: Digital Age Learning Environments Technology coaches create and support effective digital age learning environments to maximize the learning of all students.



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