3b & 3c: Resource Management & Connectivism

Digital resource management for pedagogy includes my practice of building a course shell and integrated assignments and resources according to Universal Design and Quality Matters principles.

These principles include a consistent and easily navigable course shell, ways for students to manage passwords, provision of tools such as curated Google searches to help L2 and developmental students quickly find sources, and troubleshooting guides. 

In the posts Research-Based Frameworks for Addressing and Assessing Online Learning Engagement and Fostering Troubleshooting Skills in Digital Learning Environments, I present my use of course shells to provide students will ease of access to resources.

ISTE Indicator 3c describes the exciting affordances for transformative learning that online resources together with connectivist learning principles can afford.

In Intellectual Access, I present a rationale from literature on disciplinary and digital pedagogy for my use and management of digital archives to extend first-year students’ ability to engage in academic inquiry more typical of higher-level humanities courses.