6a: Continuous Learning

In Balancing Process and Product, I evaluate content curation tools in the process of designing a learning experience to best support student design, research and collaboration skill development.

I demonstrate both the development of criteria for selecting digital learning tools, and investigate how the affordances of the Digital Humanities (DH)—such as the types of information available, the technologies for gathering and analyzing that information, and the ways of asking and investigating questions that DH borrows from the social sciences—also extend the way it is possible to think about the research process in a literature class.

Posts and related artifacts that chronicle the continuous learning process involved in my iterative approach to course design include:

In Situating Professional Learning, I investigate how professional learning programs might  implement situated learning theory, principles of andragogy, and the collaborative and connectivist pedagogies we use in our classrooms.



In Toward a Theory and Practice of Coaching Higher Ed Faculty, I theorize a model for a faculty-led professional development workshop series providing embedded, centralized, and sustainable community college faculty development in instructional technology implementation.