Archives and Analysis

Extending Literary Interpretation through Archival Research and Global Collaboration Visit the Website for this Project   Goals The goals of a 100 level college Introduction to Literature course include learning the rudiments of literary analysis, considering how literature interprets the human condition, and analyzing the … Continue readingArchives and Analysis

Redesigning the Blended Synchronous Peer Review Session

Click here for a 4 min. audio clip from a synchronous peer review session involving three students who used emailed drafts and live audio/video feed via WebEx. Twenty-first century college classrooms increasingly occupy digital spaces in which digital citizenship skills such as using online technologies … Continue readingRedesigning the Blended Synchronous Peer Review Session

Intellectual Access

Intellectual access: Using digital archives in an introductory literature course   Learning the discipline of literary analysis and interpretation and how these activities deepen one’s ability to think, read, and write critically about life is what a college Introduction to Literature course is about. In … Continue readingIntellectual Access